Liukupoksi LP-UP double-mechanical seal for Sulzer AHLSTAR A series of pumps

Sealing Technology Liukupoksi seal the newest generation of Sulzer Pumps is the result of many years of design experience. LP-seal design and manufacturing has been going on for over three decades. As a result, we have to offer the market's most advanced mechanical seal for Sulzer AHLSTAR UP pumps.

  • The most environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution
    • Double-acting liukupoksi seal was designed to operate with non-flowing buffer fluid since 1993
    • LP-UP Nonflow seal continues the same trend. The seal only requires a pressurized buffer fluid
    • Annually one double acting seals use of buffer fluid can be reduced by up to 2,000 cubic meters!
    • In monetary terms, this can equal more than 300 € / year, for one pump
  • Technically superior  
    • Double balanced seal, with a dynamic O-ring
      • The seal can function with pressurized, non-pressurized, and even without flowing buffer fluid
      • The Dynamic O-ring prevents the seal from opening due to pressure peaks
    • The modular design of the seal and the identical parts of the product and the atmospheric side allows for a significant reduction in the number of items on stock
    • Highly flexible, adaptable seal because the seal faces, O-rings, and the torque transmission is in close proximity to each other
    • Static springs, protected from the media
  • AHLSTAR UP design allows the installation of the seal without removing the rear wall of the pump
    • Tiivistetekniika LP-UP DE seal has the simplest installation on the market!
    • Our product development is focused on the fact that the faulty installation is almost impossible:
      • No need for measurements; The barrier fluid connections and fixing almost independent of the seals rotational angle; Fixings and barrier fluid connections do not have to aim at certain points.
      • See for yourself:


LP-UP 3d halkaistuna

LP-D-UP/Dw-DE split 3D image