LP seal with NonFlow since 1993

Seal water use costs are less thought about because of the mentality that "water is cheap. " However, the buffer fluid water is cleaned and pumped into the seal water system and from there it draines in 99% of the cases directly to the canal. LP sealing solutions can save water and energy. This directly affects the size of the plant's carbon footprint.


Cost savings are real:

  • Cleaning costs
  • Pumping costs
  • Costs due to the cooling of the process

--> In total the water use of one factory accounts for up to 75 000 € annually, that could be radically reduced by going Non-flow. The estimated cost for the cooling effect of the barrier fluid is around 30.000 €. One double acting seal with 2L/min flow is responsible for the cooling power of about 300W!

The internal water cost in factories (Finland) where there cost is charged ranges from 0.3 € / cubic meter -> 5 € / cubic meter (de-ionized water).

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